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FAQ: Why Do I Need a Personal Chef?

#1 reason:  time. There are only so many moments in a day, and only so much energy to muster to meet those moments.

Do you have enough time with your family? Your friends? Your interests and hobbies? Your community? Your projects? Relaxing or even sleeping? Would you like to have more?

Imagine coming home and knowing that a dinner for you or for you and your loved ones has been crafted and awaits your finishing touches. You simply slip your shoes off press the button or turn the dial and within moments your own chef created dish awaits. This vision comes without the headache of grocery shopping, looking up recipes, scrubbing pots and pans, and hoping your recipe or your preparation is as good as you thought it would be. You will simply walk through your clean kitchen after your meal and rinse your fork and plate, it literally is that easy. I will take care of the rest.

#2 reason:  you will save money. Think about how many times you spend money on drinks and takeout as you are heading home. The fluctuation in the food budget can make it hard to plan for. If you do cook, how many times do you go to the grocery store inspired to make that one dish, and after you left the grocery store you spent 10 times as much as you planned because of the odds and ends, spices, herbs and oils needed to make this dish. And in truth how many times have you picked up something perishable only to find it green and hairy a few weeks later because your work exhausted you and you were unable to get back to it. Our lives are these crazy organic things that sometimes get the better of us. Why let it happen when you don’t have to? Also consider your time. How much is it worth to you? You would not do a menial task at work for too little money, why do it in your personal life, especially when the reward is so much greater.  

# 3 reason and the one most important and most often overlooked is your health.  It is very easy to sacrifice healthy for convenient. We do it every day, but what if you didn’t have to? What if you could sit down with someone and tell them what it is you need to fuel your life, and then when you came home there it would be? If you are someone who has special diet needs, let me help. If you want to experience food from all over the world, let me help. If you want to lose weight and need help with your diet, allow me to assist you.  I can help you by putting the freshest and healthiest ingredients on your table for you and those you love.

#4 reason is a bit shallow and vain but come on….. How great would it be to say “my personal chef!!!”

FAQ: What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept cash, checks, and PayPal payments. PayPal payments are accepted here: 

FAQ: Could you cater an event or a party at my home?

Yes. We would be happy to. Space is the main consideration here. Tastefull will prepare and serve a sit down meal for up to 20 or a cocktail party for up to 50.

FAQ: Could you cater an event or a party at another location (club, banquet hall, school, park , etc.)

No. That is the difference between a personal chef and a caterer. Caterers take on full responsibility for handling, storing, cooking and serving food off-site. Personal chefs can only cook inside a client's home, where the client is responsible for the state of their kitchen and refrigeration between cooking visits. At this time Tastefull is not providing off-site catering.

FAQ: Do I have to be home while you're cooking?

That is entirely up to your comfort level. Each cooking session may take several hours, depending on the size of the household, the complexity of the menu prepared and the number of meals agreed upon. If you decide to be present at home during the cooking times, please keep in mind that, although chef Ben welcomes social interaction with you during his visit, it is in your best interests that the he is able to maintain his focus on the meal preparation as much as possible while cooking, to produce the best results for you, so the best idea is to probably focus your social interactions with the chef at the beginning and/or the end of his  session.

FAQ: I am trying to lose weight, could you provide the meals to meet my caloric requirement?

Yes. Chef Ben of Tastefull can design a menu with your caloric requirement in mind. All the meals can be portioned off individually to help you with portion control (although he cannot guarantee that you won't enjoy those "diet" dishes so much you might want a second helping)

FAQ: I only eat organic. (or vegan /  gluten-free / kosher / vegetarian / dairy-free / {insert ingredient or food allergy here} - free). Can you accommodate my preferences?

Yes, absolutely! The chef will work with you on menu planning on an ongoing basis to accommodate your dietary needs and wants. Picky eaters are welcome!

FAQ: How do I know you are qualified to cook my food?

Chef Ben Zang is ServSafe certified and has been cooking in every capacity and managing commercial kitchens for almost 20 years.